Updates 2022 2021

Updates and improvements made to the MapleStory Network in 2021.

v0.7.0 10/26/21

New Members

The onboarding experience has been completely overhauled, now making it far easier to sign up and get right into everything.


The Design home area has been launched, showcasing some public community character designs in addition to your most recently updated characters.

A new Explore section has been added, which will display all public character designs in one place. In the near future, additional options will be added for filtering.


The knowledge base home area has been redesigned to display more beautifully on all devices. In addition, we've added better support for Dark Mode.

  • Required STR on items will now display as intended.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Characters are now private by default.

v0.6.0 9/13/21


  • The character design creation tool was improved to properly display a grid of icons for faces and hairs.


  • Redesigned the front page of the knowledge base with new resource previews/smart links.
  • Resolved an issue with the required STR on items not displaying.

v0.5.2 5/20/21

Character Privacy

You can now set the privacy for each character. When a character is set to private, only you can view it and it'll be hidden from your profile. When set to public (default), it will appear on your mapler profile as well as populate throughout the service.

Original Designs

When creating a new character look, Design will now check if any characters exist that match that particular look. If the same design was previously created by another mapler, the text "(original by user)" will be displayed on the associated character pages.

This system is intended to respect notable members of the MapleStory community who may have recognizable character looks. If we deem this has been abused for impersonation, we may restore original status.

Other Changes

  • Character boxes have been redesigned to include a new menu icon, item icons are now aligned to the left, and more balanced padding.
  • The profile "likes" page now properly reflects privacy settings.
  • Duplicating the look of a character you own will now maintain its privacy and other settings.

v0.5.1 5/19/21

  • Resolved an issue causing the incorrect text "Unlike" to appear instead of "Like".

v0.5.0 5/15/21


You can now like characters, items, and monsters! Any liked content will now appear under your "Likes" section on your profile and can be showcased to other maplers.

This is the start of a collection of social features that will allow for interacting with other maplers.

Other Changes

  • You can no longer delete a character assigned as primary.
  • Resolved an invalid redirection after duplicating a character look.
  • Fixes the everything page.

v0.4.1 3/11/21

  • Added support for special ears to Design (Human, Elven, Lef, and High Lef)

v0.4.0 3/7/21

  • Added a proper maintenance page with customizable messages.
  • Added a new server error page.

v0.3.3 3/5/21

Spritesheets have received some improvements based on feedback and bug reports.

  • The amount of frames per pose has been corrected as 30% of poses were missing their last frame.
  • Items with special effects such as newer capes were incorrectly utilizing frame "0" instead of the matching pose frame.
  • Invalid pose frames will no longer result in a broken image file; they are now properly excluded.

v0.3.2 3/3/21


  • A new preference option for setting the Item Display on the Design character creator has been added. Similar to the option for character boxes, this will allow you to choose either a grid of item icons, or a list (including the item name).

v0.3.1 3/2/21



  • A new "Item Display" preference has been added to Settings. You can now toggle between Simple, which just displays icons (hover over to view item name) or Detailed, which displays both the name and item icon. We've set the default to simple to provide a cleaner, simplistic option for character boxes, although you can switch back at any time.
  • The "My Characters" page will now replace the Design home page when logged in. As such, you can visit it as before by simply clicking "Design" on the navigation bar.

Other Changes

  • Added support for Two-factor Authentication via TOTP, to protect your account with another layer of security.
  • Added a Dark Mode toggle to the navigation dropdown menu.
  • The Closed Alpha dashboard was altered to increase the changelog width for improved readability on non-mobile devices.
  • The profile link was moved to the main navigation bar.
  • The navigation menu has been improved for mobile and tablet devices.

v0.3.0 3/1/21

  • Several refinements have been made across the service to improve performance and page load times.
  • Character renders on the "My Characters" page will now be more visually vibrant.
  • Discover has been soft launched publicly; specific functionality will remain only accessible to closed alpha testers.
  • Develop, our API platform, has been soft launched for closed alpha testers only. Documentation and more information will be added later this week.

Other Changes

  • Error notifications added last version has been temporarily reduced while improvements are made.

v0.2.4 2/24/21


MapleStory Design

Design will now display a notification if a specific rendering error occurs. This will typically will provide enough contextual information to either self-resolve the issue or report it to our team.

  • Fixed an issue causing specific cash items to not appear in searches when "All Items" was toggled.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented removing all items from a character.
  • Fixed an issue where the first character created would not be set as primary.

Profile / Social Improvements

  • A new badge system has been added to profiles (and anywhere a profile username is mentioned)
  • Any maplers who participate in the Closed Alpha (all of you!) will receive a permanent badge besides their username.
  • You can now identify a Team member by a # badge.

v0.2.3 2/23/21

xxx xxx

Discover search pages have been revamped.

The item and monster result boxes have been redesigned and improved to provide more contextual information.

Additionally, three results now appear per line instead of two.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Replaced all instances of the word "MapleStory" with "MapleStory".
  • Fixed some issues where Design would not function due to issues relating to chairs.
  • Added favicons and mobile progressive web app support.
  • Released the Everything page for fun.
  • Added a way to clear all data stored locally on Design, helpful for resolving pesky bugs.
  • Fixed the Sort By options on the Monsters area of Discover having unintended results.

v0.2.2 2/22/21

  • The prototype character creator has been heavily revamped based on feedback, and the following improvements made:
    • The top navigation bar will now hide itself when you scroll down and reappear when scrolling up to remove clutter.
    • The save button has been moved to the Design navigation bar so it is always accessible.
    • The status of the saving process is now reflected when clicking "Save" and new notification windows will appear to designate whether the process was successful or if an error occurred.
    • You will now be greeted with a confirmation message and redirected to the character's page upon successfully saving a character design.
    • The locally stored character design will now automatically be cleared when it is successfully saved. A toggle to override this behavior will be added in the following days.
    • A button for clearing the character's design (remove everything) has been added.
  • Implemented a username blacklist to prevent impersonation and prohibit harmful/restricted terms. If you are the rightful owner or associated to a specific name or username, please contact us.
  • The My Characters page was revisited.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the character's face would reset the face expression.
  • Fixed an issue where resetting a character would not populate default face and eyes.

v0.2.1 2/21/21

Our closed alpha begins.

  • Updated the prototype simulator with various quality of life improvements including collapsible sections.
  • The order that characters are displayed on profile pages is now randomized, with the primary character always on the top.
  • Public characters will now be shown on the Discover wiki's fashion area instead of randomized avatars.
  • Searching for monsters on Discover has now been resolved.
  • Improved visuals on the prototype character creator while on dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue preventing monster names from populating on individual wiki pages.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a server error when viewing the front-page while logged in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a server error if attempting to save a character without a name.
  • Fixed an issue that caused profiles to not be accessible by guests.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the deletion of characters while on your own profile.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Edit Profile" link to appear on other profiles.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the deletion of characters on individual character pages.

v0.2.0 2/20/21

  • Fixed an issue with green skin not rendering correctly due to a resource oversight with MapleStory. We have reported this to Nexon directly to hopefully fix in future versions.
  • Improved the onboarding experience to appear better on mobile devices.
  • Added support for face accessories.
  • Updated to the latest version of MapleStory (v220).

v0.1.9 2/19/21

  • Made some significant changes to character pages including moving character + items categories into the same column.
  • Improved the "character boxes" that appear on the "My Characters" and profile characters pages to display character renders more consistently.
  • Added an option to edit or delete a character will now appear on character pages if viewed by the owner.
  • Fixed a longstanding bug that made searching on the prototype design tool sometimes fail.

v0.1.8 2/18/21

  • Support for chairs has been added. Note, some chairs will not render correctly.
  • Improved rendering performance by about ~10% via query optimizations.
  • Fixed the rendering of certain hats.
  • Fixed some issues with certain item effects.

v0.1.7 2/17/21

  • [Community Feedback] Character Spritesheets are now organized with proper folder names and subsequent renders now include the associated pose in the file name, instead of just "0.png".
    • Additional spritesheet formats and structures will be provided in the near future.
    • We'll continue to improve this feature over time based on continued feedback.
  • Added support for importing characters from other character creation tools and helpful guides.
  • Updated our Community Guidelines.
  • Added meta and open graph tags to more pages.
  • Fixed an issue where editing and saving a character would create a new character instead.
  • Fixed pagination not working as intended on the knowledge base.

v0.1.6 2/16/21

  • Rebranded the wiki / knowledge base area as "Discover".
  • Added the ability to edit a profile.
  • Added profile privacy settings (if set, your profile and profile pages can't be viewed by anyone but yourself)
  • Added account preferences / security settings.
  • Added this changelog to the closed alpha dashboard (this page).
  • Added a new legal disclaimer to the footer.
  • Improved the front page of Discover for guests.
  • Fixed an error preventing the changing of usernames when editing a profile.

v0.1.5 2/15/21

  • Added the option to set a profile as private, which will display an error for someone attempts to view it besides the owner.
  • Fixed a server error when viewing a profile with no characters made.

v0.1.4 2/14/21

  • Added a preliminary version of spritesheet downloading.
  • Fixed eye decorations not populating correctly when editing a character.
  • Fixed some 500 errors.
  • Improved the login page by reducing placeholder opacity and changing the displayed text.
  • Improved the on-boarding experience.

v0.1.3 2/13/21

  • Added "characters wearing this item" section to Item wiki pages.
  • Added a secondary navigation menu if on a Design-related page.
  • Implemented some improvements to the Fashion wiki area.
  • Implemented Dark Mode.
  • Added support for Shields on Design.
  • Added support for Gloves on Design.
  • Added support for Weapons on Design.
  • Fixed redirecting to an invalid url upon registration.

v0.1.2 2/11/21

  • Added mapler profile pages.
  • Implemented major improvements to the wiki including a new Items home page and ability to search.
  • Added some helpful backend functions.
  • Added meta tags to some pages.

v0.1.1 2/10/21

  • Clicking on an item on a character page will now send you to the item's wiki page.
  • Fixed an issue causing facial expressions to not save correctly.
  • Added basic wiki pages and support for items.
  • Added information about our launch schedule to the front page.
  • Updated the character designer to match API breaking changes.
  • Fixed some server errors.

v0.1.0 1/25/21

This was the initial re-launch of the MapleStory Network service.

  • Added prototype character designer.
  • Added informational pages about Design and Wiki.