Updates 2022 2021

Updates and improvements made to the MapleStory Network this year.

v1.3.0 9/15/2022


We're pleased to introduce a new feature that is a first for MapleStory! Our developer, Exile, has worked tirelessly the last few months to implement Semantic Search for our service, starting with Discover. Semantic Search is powered by neural networks to allow for searching for items (and soon other resources) by merely describing what you're looking for.

No need to know is called a Fairfrozen. Simply search for "spear made of ice" and you'll be on your way.

You can read the detailed blog post about this new feature here.

Other changes and fixes include:

  • Items that don't have names (more of these exist than you'd imagine) will now properly load without resulting in an error.


Based on community feedback, we've made several changes and improvements to Digits including:

  • Sorting Watch List characters by their level (highest to lowest). We're working on allowing for additional/custom sorting in a future update.
  • Job pages now display the total number of characters and their collective levels, in addition to the job's branch (ie: Magician) and class (ie: Sengoku).
  • The sub-navigation bar will now display how many characters you're currently watching.
  • The character information box was given a slight design adjustment.


  • Several fixes were made to various portions of this service to resolve broken icons and outdated CSS classes.

Dashboard and Statuses

The dashboard has been given several design refinements including further improvements relating to privacy. Switching between private and public will now be reflected immediately on the activity feed. In addition, new characters added to a Watch List will now show up on the activity feed alongside other statuses.

The Dashboard itself has been updated to show more information on the sidebar.

Changelog -> Update Blog

We've reworked what was originally our changelog and re-launched it as a fully-fledged blog. You can now easily view and navigation directly to each update via a pinned sidebar (on tablet and desktop devices).

With the early preview of our new Semantic Search feature, we've also officially launched our dev blog!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The navigation bar is now the full width of all pages.
  • The navigation bar's overall height was reduced by approx. 15%, to provide a more streamline experience and display more content on the screen.
  • The navigation logo has had its size increased substantially for better recognition.
  • The tooltips that appear when hovering over each service in the navigation bar has been improved.
  • The dropdown menu now appears darker when Dark Mode is enabled.

v1.2.6 8/27/22


  • Resolved an issue causing the icon for monster/boss pages on Discover to not load properly.

v1.2.5 8/24/22


Ask and you shall receive! You can now set individual characters on your Watch List as public or private. This is a perfect way of showcasing your own in-game characters all in one place, or a collection of pixel-perfect looks.

You can now see at a glance if a character's global, world, or job rank has increased or decreased, compared to the previous day.


Profiles will now display public characters on your Watch List.


Resolved an issue where the settings pages may not be accessible and would result in an error.

v1.2.4 8/18/22


The Compare page has been given several improvements and new features including:

  • You can now select characters directly from your Watch List when logged in.
  • The compare page no longer requires an initial character; the page can now be visited any time.


Improvements were made to the backend to allow for the dashboard to load significantly faster.


Improvements were made to the backend to allow for all design-related pages to load significantly faster.

v1.2.3 8/15/22


  • The Compare page now includes character level milestones. In addition, each character will take up more space on the screen until three or more are added.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed navigation not displaying the active service.

v1.2.2 8/12/22


We've added a new chart to Character History to better visualize progression. It will automatically adapt to display the appropriate measurement (thousands, millions, billions, trillions).

The Road to 300 section has been renamed to Level Milestones and has been given a ton of improvements. If a player is below Level 275, additional estimations for 280, 285, 290, 295, and 300 are now hidden by default.

We improved the placement and design of the Compare and Watch List buttons to be easier to interact with on tablet and mobile devices.

Lastly, we resolved a bug where characters historical progress may skip a day.

v1.2.1 8/9/22


  • Improved the equipment algorithm to work with more character types.
  • Fixed a bug where the Beginner class would incorrectly return zero results.
  • Fixed a bug where the world Scania would incorrectly return zero results.


  • Resolved an issue where attempting to visit a non-existent profile would result in a 500 error, instead of a 404.

v1.2.0 8/5/22

It's been awhile since the last update as we've been hard at work on a trove of new features and improvements to existing services. We're excited to share these changes with you all today!


Introducing Digits, our detailed analysis service for in-game characters in MapleStory! This service builds upon the official MapleStory rankings to provide new unique information about characters such as worn equips/cosmetics, hair/face, and more.

With a MapleStory Network account, you can add any character to your Watch List and our platform will begin storing and displaying its lifetime progress. No two week cut-offs, no compromises. Just digits. To be as mindful as possible to NEXON and its infrastructure, we limit polling for new data unless requested by a player.

With Digits you can:

  • Track in-game characters progression.
  • Determine how many estimated days, months, or years to reach specific level milestones.
  • See how a character's look has changed over time.
  • View the cosmetics and equipment worn by a character (without stats).
  • Compare multiple characters across worlds and jobs.
  • Discover similar characters based on level and job.

Additional regions outside of North America (Global) are planned to be supported in the future.

Dashboard and Profiles

We've made the experience for MapleStory streamers much better based on feedback. If a streamer goes live on Twitch, their stream and chat will be embedded on their profile.

The dashboard will now show if your friends are currently live and provides a link to their stream on Twitch.com.

Other changes to profiles include:

  • You can now preview your current avatar when editing your profile.
  • To more closely match the behavior of other social platforms, activity on profiles is no longer limited to the last two weeks and will display statuses from account inception.


In preparation for a major update and new features releasing later this year, we've updated any mentions of "characters" or "a character" to instead use "designs" and "a design". This means that the "My Characters" page will be renamed to "My Designs", and any URLs that contain the term character will also be renamed.

This update also involved heavily refactoring every single page, function, and database relating to designs.


Our knowledge base has received some quality of life improvements to make it even easier to navigate through various resources. Item pages now provide a link to view other items in the same overall category (ie: Equipment), category (ie: Armor or Accessories), and sub-categories (ie: Hat or Sword).

In-game characters (from our new Digits service) that are currently wearing an equipment item will now appear on item pages, in addition to designs incorporating the item.

  • Equipment breakdowns have been updated to display required stats more clearly.
  • Item pages are now more easier to navigate on mobile devices.
  • You can now view the API request that populated a page (via Develop).

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Frontend assets have been optimized and deprecated libraries removed to improve page load times.
  • Dozens of performance and backend improvements have been applied.
  • Updated Laravel.
  • Updated Font Awesome.

v1.1.6 6/22/22


  • To avoid confusion, the phrase "Copy Character Look" was changed to "Duplicate" when viewing a character page as the creator, and "Add to My Characters (Copy)" when viewing someone else's character.

Dashboard / Activity

  • Resolved issue where duplicate follows would appear on the Dashboard.

v1.1.5 6/10/22

Dashboard / Activity

We've introduced a new design to activity to ensure they appear consistently across all devices, and avoid overlapping icons and character previews. Depending on the device, the preview image may be hidden.


Profiles now include show recent activity, including follows, designed characters, and content a mapler has liked. In the next update, we'll be adding additional privacy options including hiding activity when a profile is set to public.

Profile boxes were also redesigned to match the new look of activity and now include the profile's bio.

Lastly, we added the profile character to every profile page (likes, followers, etc), so that when sharing the links elsewhere, it'll always display in the link preview.

v1.1.4 6/9/22


Improvements were applied to the backend that handled character deletion. Previously, any characters that were made by copying the look of another character would become inaccessible if the original character was deleted. This has now been resolved.

  • The section for "Hair", was incorrectly labeled as "Face".
  • Likes relating to a deleted character are now properly deleted.


Improvements have been made to the dashboard to now display the name and avatar of liked characters. We also made adjustments to display "a character currently set as private" if a character is switched from public to private.


To better support all types of YouTube accounts, we now require the full channel URL, instead of just a username.

  • Fixed grammatical issue with profile meta tags.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Resetting account passwords is now available.
  • The handling of primary characters was greatly optimized by no longer storing this value in the character model, and moving it to the profile model.
  • Resolved an issue causing character pages to not load if created in 2020 or earlier.

v1.1.3 6/4/22


We've added the ability to display Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube accounts on your profile. In the near future, we'll be adding support for Discord accounts, although as we plan to have a fully fledged Discord Bot, we need to be able to properly verify ownership via Discord's OAuth and API endpoints. Safety matters.

The "Edit Profile" page has also received a major redesign and reorganization to make it easier to use for all maplers.


  • Resolved issues impacting characters with vanity URLs displaying stale information when customizing or changing equips via the Designer.
  • When deleting a character from its own page, you will now properly be redirected to the "My Characters" page, instead of resulting in a 404 error.


The changelog page has been updated to now allow you to select specific years.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We switched back from webp encoding to png encoding for avatar renders as it was causing artifacting.
  • A notice will now appear on the dashboard if it is empty from not following anyone.
  • A link to our Discord server has been added to the footer.

v1.1.2 6/3/22


The Fashion (hairs and faces) section of the wiki now displays all available colors for both face and hairs.


We've begun work on the dashboard, which will show recent activity from your friends (any profile you are following). This will include any character designs created, likes, and follows.

We are also experimenting with a "Recommended To Follow" section, found on the dashboard sidebar. This will highlight maplers from within the community such as content creators, notable contributors, or our team members.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Character renders will now return as webp (format), for increased speed and performance.

v1.1.1 6/1/22


  • Added a way to change the privacy of a character from its own page (previously just from My Characters page).
  • Resolved an issue where an error would occur when clearing the face or hair of a character design while on the Designer.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve an issue where in some cases, characters set as private would still appear on a mapler profile.
  • Compressed and optimized several graphics / logos to reduce bandwidth usage.

v1.1.0 5/4/22-5/21/22

In May, we focused heavily on making dozens of refinements and implementing changes based on feedback we had received since the beginning of the year. This brought major redesigns to all of our services home pages, numerous changes to our designer to perform and work better on mobile devices, and a new sign-up experience.


Our designer has received even more improvements for mobile devices based on additional feedback from our beta testers. These changes make it easier to view the character you're actively working on as well as slightly reducing the max size of the item list.


We also introduced character customization options, which allow you give your character a background based on specific MapleStory towns, in addition to a glow effect.

The front page of Design was reworked to include new sections for recently made public characters as well as a new layout that displays better on tablets and mobile devices.


We've begun work on Guides, our newest addition to Discover. The Guides feature allow content creators and recognized members of the community to write training, job, boss/expedition, and general guides for the game. These guides also allow for embedding a related YouTube video for listening or viewing alongside the rest of the guide. We're applying some finishing touches and will provide more information soon.

The knowledge base was completely redesigned to include new sections including top liked items, monsters, and fashion.

  • Added skull icon for boss monsters on monster boxes as well as individual pages.
  • Added a new notice if no characters are wearing an item (instead of this section being blank).


  • Enabled three columns on the development documentations.

Profile Rework

Profiles were completely overhauled to improve performance as well as resolving several reported bugs. All profile pages now display better on mobile devices, and we've made likes easier to access.

  • A new default character avatar will show if a member hasn't made a character design yet.
  • The profile bio now has a max character limit of 180. A new counter will display as you type.
  • Likes on profiles was changed to display chronologically, instead of organized by type.
  • The user display icon for Team members is now the slime logo.
  • Appended @ to the beginning of member display names.

Following/Followers System

You can now follow other maplers and keep up to date with their activity and happenings on the network! For the moment, this just includes likes and character creation, but it will include other activity in the future.

Once the Dashboard is finalized, this will all show up there. ^-^


You can now search across all of our services via the "Search" link found in the navigation bar! Easily find other maplers, designs, or browse our entire knowledge base all in one place.


To provide better transparency, the Supporter page is now accessible without an account and provided benefits are now clearer. We've also pleased to share we will now provide discounts for the following groups:

  • First Responders / Military (50% Off)
  • MapleStory Content Creators (50% Off)
  • Gaming Industry (20% Off)
  • Teachers (Free)
  • Past or Present Nexon Employees (Free)

Other Changes And Improvements

  • Completely overhauled the footer and removed secondary navigation hiding functionality.
  • Added a new blur/glass effect to the top navigation bars to improve immersion.
  • Improved member on-boarding by removing an unnecessary step and streamlining sign-ups.
  • Redesigned the about page to include a new section for our Develop service, in addition to other visual improvements.
  • Introduced active menu highlighting for the navigation bars.
  • Added a special role on our Discord server as a perk for supporting us.
  • Added new moderation tools for banning players who don't follow our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.
  • Redesigned and updated all legal-related pages.
  • Meta tags were added to all public-facing pages.
  • The two-week trial for Supporter features has been increased to one month.
  • Updated some aspects of the changelog page to make it easier to read through.
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5.1! This introduces a new larger layout size as well as some minor style changes throughout the service.
  • Updated to Laravel 9.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed profiles not displaying new likes (caching issue).
  • Resolved a server error when attempting to view a profile as a guest.
  • Resolved a bug with outdated profile data after a character is updated.
  • Various backend performance improvements.
  • Resolved an issue causing the Blue Snail graphic on Designer error messages from appearing properly.
  • Optimizations made to remove redundant code relating to characters.
  • Resolved a server error caused by deleting characters that were set as public.

v1.0.3 5/2/22

Help Center

Added a new Help Center which includes dozens of helpful answers to common questions and concerns. This also includes the ability for members to send in support requests in-house, which will then receive a response by email.

v1.0.2 5/1/22

  • Rewrote the legal disclaimer for our development documentation.
  • Added delayed tooltip information to each section's navigation menu items.

v1.0.1 4/30/22

  • Redesigned profile pages.
  • Redesigned the supporter page to be clearer and provide more useful information.
  • Added link to supporter membership page in navigation bar.

v1.0.0 4/29/22

Our biggest update yet!

Here is the massive list of new features, changes, and improvements that we added this update.


  • Designer can now be used without requiring an account. To access and save more than one character, an account will still be required.
  • Complete overhaul of the Designer to display better on mobile devices.
  • Added support for toggling face/emote frames.
  • Character list now loads twice as fast on the Designer.
  • We've added the ability to delete a character directly from the Designer.
  • Character pages have received a major redesign and rework.
    • Display better on mobile devices.
    • Added "created" relative date.
    • Like'ing functionality has been improved.
    • Generating spritesheets is now 20% faster.
  • URL routes for delete characters is now a POST request to prevent abuse.
  • Added support for face frames.
  • Added better support for chair frames.


  • We've finally added global search to Discover, so you can now search across all categories with ease.
  • You can now like faces and hairs! Fashion deserved some love as well.

Supporters (Subscription)

In the spirit of free-to-play gaming, we've always offered our service for free, for everyone. In the past, we've supported ourselves via advertisement revenue to cover a majority of our server infrastructure and other running costs.

To allow us to provide more features and functionality to players globally, we've soft-launched the ability to support and donate to us via a Supporter subscription. For $2.00/month, this subscription will unlock features such as Dark Mode, hiding ads, customizable character backgrounds, and more coming soon.

New maplers will receive two weeks of Supporter trial before some features will be locked.

Don't worry, we won't be fully launching Supporters until June 1st and will share more information around this time.

Other Changes And Improvements

  • Many refinements have been made including saving character images to reduce the need for frequent calls to our character renderer engine.
  • Backend API calls to characters and character render images are now significantly faster, resulting in much faster load times for all Design pages and our Designer.
  • Reduced the number of database queries across the entire platform in half, resulting in faster load times for all other pages.
  • Enabled temporary caching for hair and face API calls for better performance.
  • Added a dedicated changelog page.

v0.9.0 1/9/22

We're on the verge of our public beta release! 🎉

To celebrate, we've officially launched our new logo, "Slim and Bub" who will be our new mascots. Together, they form a "yin and yang" keeping the Maple universe balanced and safe.


  • Our prototype character tool is finally all grown up. We've officially dropped the "prototype" name and will now be referred to as the Designer.
  • Designer has been rewritten to include a new search system, which incorporates many quality-of-life improvements we've received throughout 2021 including:
    • A full item list now displays when clicking on any category. Typing and searching for a specific item (or face/hair) name will automatically update the list.
    • Preferences can now be found in the top navigation bar, with new options to enhance your experience.
    • Automatic redirection to a character page after saving is now disabled by default.
    • Several changes have been made to improve the experience on mobile devices, now allowing you to fully create and edit characters on all devices.

Other community-requested changes have been made including:

  • Upon creating a new character, it will now be set to private by default.
  • Upon creating a new character, the simulator will update to reflect the character's unique url to allow for directly returning to the same page.
  • Saving and deleting characters is now faster.
  • Deleting a character will now return you to the same page, instead of back to the Explore tab of Design.

Other Changes And Improvements

  • The navigation bar will no longer auto-hide on mobile devices, which was causing usability issues.
  • Navigation item icons have been removed because... they looked bad.

v0.8.0 1/7/22


The developer dashboard is now officially launched and allows for registering your own project! Once created, you will be able to interact with several API endpoints relating to MapleStory Network profiles, characters, and game data.

By using OAuth, you will be able to allow other members to authorize your project to access and manage their own data as well when set up with specific scopes.

Other Changes

  • The primary character avatar shown on profiles is now properly centered on all devices.

v0.7.1 1/3/22

Safe Redirect (Safety)

To add another layer of safety for maplers, we've implemented a "safe redirect" functionality to any links shared in user content.

Clicking on these links will now send you to a page that displays the intended URL and asks if you wish to visit it.