The complete knowledge base for MapleStory.

We're re-defining what it means to have a knowledge base in 202X. Player guides, analytics, and much more.

Our alpha begins soon! 🎉


Our goal with the MapleStory Network is to create a central hub for everything MapleStory and that starts with a fully featured knowledge base. We're building this Wiki from the ground up to craft the best experience for each and every player worldwide.

No confusing maps to double jump through; you'll be able to effortlessly find what you're looking for in seconds.

Let's talk features.

Here's a glance at what you can look forward to this year.

  • Detailed statistics and information for all equipment, weapons, and accessories.
  • Beautifully displayed class skills, levels, and skill animation showcases.
  • Discover every single monster and boss. Read and share recommended tips.
  • Leveling guides with intelligent resource embeds and support for Youtube videos.
  • Navigate your way through the game's many maps and towns.
  • Favorite specific resources or guides to find them easier.
  • LF> complete list of [email protected]@@@@@@@@@...

Resources pl0x.

A knowledge base is not complete without game resources.

  • Monsters, from the Orange Mushroom to Lotus.
  • Items, from a crisp Maple Sword to the Fafnir Mana Cradle.
  • Npcs, from Cassandra to Kyrin.
  • Maps, from the famous Henesys Hunting Ground I to good ole' Orbis.
  • Skills, from Hyper Body to Bullet Blast.
  • Quests, from An Attempt to Escape to I Can't Escape.