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The MapleStory Network provides a thorough, easy-to-understand API platform for developers and maplers alike to craft innovative concepts and services to positively impact the worldwide MapleStory community. We kindly request that you read our Legal Disclaimer prior to using these APIs.

Before you can take advantage of our API endpoints, you will need to sign up for a MapleStory Network account. Once you do, you'll be given the option to create a new app which will generate an app key. This will be used to authenticate most requests you make using our service.

Once you have your app key handy, you can head over to our developer documentation to explore.

Best Practices

To ensure the stability of our service and protect our infrastructure, we may revoke or block access if you exhibit any of the following:

  • Intentionally scraping our APIs to host the data it responds with elsewhere.
  • Not determining if an API call was unsuccessful and repeatedly requesting it.


Our goal is to serve MapleStory data for a variety of versions and locales, which means you will be able to access Global MapleStory (GMS), Korean MapleStory (KMS), and other versions' content here. To specify what version of the game you want an API endpoint to return, most APIs allow you to send a version, subversion, and locale code as query parameters. Any that are not sent will be "filled in" with default values (a common pattern is to not specify the subversion, as it will not matter for most people/use cases).

A note for alpha testers: we do not yet support different locales, and for now we only use subversion = 0 and locale = 0 in our database, with GMS data. We will rectify this soon and you will find documentation for how locale codes work here in the future.

The default version is currently:

  • Global MapleStory
  • Version: 220
  • Subversion: 0
  • Locale: 0

You can call the /version/default endpoint to retrieve this value at any time.


Most things in MapleStory: Develop are represented as resources. Endpoint convention is as follows: for a singular thing, use /:noun/:id. For collections, use /:nouns. For example, retrieving a singular item would be GET /item/2070006/ while getting a collection of them would be GET /items/.


To utilize our APIs, you will need register your app/service and generate OAuth tokens.


We are building a forum which would be the appropriate place for feedback. Until then, and even afterward, you are welcome to stop by our discord server and contact a staff member if you encounter any issues, have any feedback, or want to ask any questions.

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