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A complete and always updated knowledge base for MapleStory, allowing maplers to discover information about items, monsters, fashion, and much more all in one place.

This service is actively under development and we hope to add additional resources such as maps, quests, skills/jobs and more in the following months.

The Guide feature allows content creators and trusted members of the Maplestory community to create useful leveling and training guides, tips and tricks, and quest tutorials to help you discover new secrets about the game.

We are working together with these individuals to improve the system and ensure it is perfect before we allow everyone else to make and share their own guides. We appreciate your patience.

These are really important and we hope to add them soon! We're working hard to add new resources to our knowledge base and appreciate your patience.

There are often many versions of the same item/monster name found within Maplestory, with slight stat differences or undocumented changes.

To help avoid confusion, we make some manual changes to search results from time to time to remove entries that aren't found in the game anymore but may miss them occasionally.