Help Center / Design

You can reach our team via email at [email protected]

We crafted Design with the focus of bringing together animators and creators within the community, and strengthening the connection players have with their characters. This was our first project created solely by request of the MapleStory community.

We aim to create a character simulator and design creator that is the easy to understand, fun to use, and works on all devices.

You can export renders of an individual character by going to its character page and then clicking on the "Download Spritesheet", which includes a zip full of every single pose of your character. Otherwise, on most devices, you can either tap and hold down or right click on the character's image to save it.

Every charater design has a unique page that can be easily shared via the address bar of your browser or by clicking on the "Copy Share Link" button found on the character's page.

While logged in, you can also copy a character's look and add it to your own designs.

While some designs may often represent a well-known character or individual (such as Fangblade), no one player can own a specific design or set of items. We believe this is what makes Maplestory unique and expressive.

We've instead implemented an "original design" label, where any new iterations of a specific design that already exists in our database will link back to this original character's page.

We strive to always keep our service up-to-date and make sure that the latest items (and thus cosmetics) are available via our designer. If you're unable to locate an item, please let us know and we'll check into why it might be missing!

If an item isn't rendering properly, it might be causing issues for our renderer. Please let us know via our Discord and we'll get it resolved as soon as possible.

We always encourage utilizing our own service instead of other simulators to ensure you're getting the best experience possible.

On the "My Characters" page, you can import your character(s) from the following services:

  • Maplestory Design (Legacy)
  • Maplestory Studio

Look for the "Import" link found in the navigation bar and then select the export file you obtained from those services. If this process fails, please let us know on our Discord as the developer might have changed the format of these files.