The worldwide network
for MapleStory.

The future home of the MapleStory Network, which will provide many unofficial services related to the MMORPG MapleStory.

Our Roadmap

1. Closed Alpha

In February, we'll be inviting select members of the MapleStory community to participate in our Closed Alpha, which will feature prototypes and "MVP" versions of our Design and Wiki services.

Feedback will be critical for helping shape the continued buildout of the MapleStory Network's first two services.

2. Public Beta

Tentatively in March, we'll be opening up account sign ups in waves to access our Design and Wiki services during our Public Beta period.

We will "soft" re-open our Discord server and rebrand it as the MapleStory Network with a major restructuring of channels, policies, and community outreach.

3. Official Launch

Around May to June, we'll officially launch and make all aspects of the services available to visitors without the need of an account.

Any maplers who participated in the Public Beta will be given a special badge to showcase on their profiles. We'll also discuss our plans for the rest of 2021.