Quests are tasks that players are able to perform for NPCs. There are various types of quests that are available, which include monster-killing quests and item-gathering quests, which can be turned in for rewards, including but not limited to mesos, items, fame, and experience.

There are many quests available to players, each having certain requirements that a player must meet before being able to take on the quest, such as a minimum/maximum level, possessing a certain item, etc.

Unknown Silent Crusade Profession Golden Temple Fantasy Theme World Aran Evan Mercedes Phantom Job Grand Battle Luminous Mihile Dual Blade Cygnus Knights Resistance Cross Hunter Sakura Castle Pantheon Maple Island Heliseum Kaiser Angelic Buster Edelstein Henesys Ellinia Perion Kerning City Nautilus Victoria Island Sleepywood Evolution System El Nath Orbis Aqua Road Ludibrium Ludus Lake Omega Sector Ellin Forest Korean Folk Town Leafre Maple Leaf High Nihal Desert Mu Lung Garden Masteria Temple of Time Gate to the Future Overseas Travel Party Quests Event Title Event Missions Pet Maple Board Game Momijigaoka Hayato Kanna Cash Hide Quest Root Abyss Maple Mentor Premium PC Cafe Xenon Crimsonheart Castle Stone Colossus Zero [Mirror World] Leafre [Mirror World] Ariant [Mirror World] Henesys [Mirror World] Mu Lung [Mirror World] Edelstein [Mirror World] Magatia [Mirror World] Ludibrium [Mirror World] Temple of Time Explorer Riena Strait Zero's Temple Returning Adventurer Kritias Grand Athenaeum Episode Book Mission Commerci Republic Beast Tamer Shade Special Content Tower of Oz Mushroom Castle FriendStory Hieizan Bounty Hunter Star Planet Beasts of Fury Star Planet Guide Epic Mr. Lee Airlines TotsKnowHow Scrapyard Monster Life Surprise Mission Alishan Blackgate City Beefy's Kitchen Kinesis The Far East Shaolin Tynerum Singapore&Malaysia Giant Boss Maplerunner Fish The Afterlands Be My Buddy Mechanical Hearts Monad Captain Vaga UEvent Monster Battle Heroes of Maple Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine Tales Dark World Tree Masteria Through Time Stellar Detectives 5th Job Skill and Arcane Power Vanishing Journey Chu Chu Island Secret Stories Lachelein the Dreaming City Kerning Tower Legion Arcana Cadena Illium Maple Achievement Morass, the Swamp of Memory Fox Valley Ark Esfera: Origin Sea Lion King's Castle Alliance Mission Black Mage Tenebris Genesis Weapon
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