Carta's sin

Explorer Is blocked from being started Level 120
※ Not started
Requirements: Talk to Chief Tatamo

Required level: 120

Required Job:
Hero (4th)
Paladin (4th)
Dark Knight (4th)
Arch Mage F/P (4th)
Arch Mage I/L (4th)
Bishop (4th)
Bow Master (4th)
Marksman (4th)
Night Lord (4th)
Shadower (4th)
Dual Blade (4th)
Buccaneer (4th)
Corsair (4th)
Cannon Master (4th)
Aran (4th)
Evan (4th)
Mercedes (4th)
Phantom (4th)
Luminous (4th)
Battle Mage (4th)
Wild Hunter (4th)
Mechanic (4th)
Kaiser (4th)
Angelic Buster (4th)
Xenon (4th)

Chief Tatamo from Leafre village says he has some information for me...

Found at: Leafre
※ In Progress
Requirements: Talk to Carta

I learned that Humans used to have strong will power to resist temptation, which prevented them from getting seduced by the monsters. But, witch Carta took away the people's will power and since then, humans have been falling into seduction. I wonder if this is really true. Let's go ask Carta.


EXP: 20000

Found at: Carta's Cave
※ Complete
Carta doesn't look too thrilled.

Quests Available
NPC Quest name Required level Requires other quests

A Piece of Will 120 No
Found at: Leafre