A Peculiar Request

Explorer Is blocked from being started Level 120
※ Not started
Requirements: Talk to Arec

Required level: 120

Required Job:
Shadower (4th)

A request came in from Arec. A request from him? Must be because of my last job...

Found at: Chief's Residence
※ In Progress
Requirements: Talk to Shawn

Arec said it had to do with finding an item. He didn't tell me what it is or why he needs it... Since it's coming from Arec I guess I'll just do it but I wonder what this is all about? Anyway, let's go to Shawn at the Excavation Site.


EXP: 200000

Found at: Relic Excavation Camp
※ Complete
Shawn seemed very anxious. What exactly does he want? I should press on, maybe I'll find out...

Quests Available
NPC Quest name Required level Requires other quests

Shawn's fear 120 No
Found at: Chief's Residence