Robeira and Shammos

Explorer Is blocked from being started Level 120
※ Not started
Requirements: Talk to Robeira

Required level: 120

Required Job:
Arch Mage F/P (4th)
Arch Mage I/L (4th)
Bishop (4th)
Required Quests
Robeira's Intentions Complete

Shammos became quiet for some reason. What's the matter? Let's go talk to Shammos.

Found at: Chief's Residence
※ In Progress
Requirements: Talk to Shammos

Shammos seems to have regained consciousness.


EXP: 100000

Found at: Shammos's Solitary Room <Entrance Map> Spiegelmann's Guest House Spiegelmann's Guest House
※ Complete

Quests Available
NPC Quest name Required level Requires other quests

Meteo Shower 120 No

Blizzard 120 No

Genesis 120 No
Found at: Chief's Residence