Silver Mane

Explorer Level 60
※ Not started
Requirements: Talk to Kenta

Required level: 60

Required Job:
Hero (4th)
Paladin (4th)
Dark Knight (4th)
Arch Mage F/P (4th)
Arch Mage I/L (4th)
Bishop (4th)
Bow Master (4th)
Marksman (4th)
Night Lord (4th)
Shadower (4th)
Dual Blade (4th)
Buccaneer (4th)
Corsair (4th)
Cannon Master (4th)
Required Quests
Pheromone Perfume Complete

I've heard that Kenta has furthered his research and found a way to upgrade my existing mount. A faster monster to ride? I should go see Kenta in Aqua Road immediately!

Found at: Zoo
※ In Progress
Requirements: Talk to Kenta Required Items

Kenta said you needed Pin Hov's Charm and a Cracked Shell in order to make your mounts bigger, faster, and stronger. However, he wants you to donate b50,000,000 mesosk so he can conduct further research to develop methods to help people co-exist with monsters.

Pin Hov's Charm 0/500
Cracked Shell 0/500


EXP: 50000

Meso: -50000000

Found at: Zoo
※ Complete
It took a bit of time, but I returned with the needed items and 'donation' he asked for. Kenta made my Unknown into a Unknown. What a difference! My mount is so much sharper and stronger than before! I can run over almost anything now!
Found at: Zoo