Wounded Hands

Explorer Level 90
※ Not started
Requirements: Talk to Sugar

Required level: 90

Required Job:
Swordsman (1st)
Fighter (2nd)
Page (2nd)
Spearman (2nd)
Crusader (3rd)
Knight (3rd)
Dragon Knight (3rd)
Hero (4th)
Paladin (4th)
Dark Knight (4th)
Magician (1st)
Wizard - Fire/Poison (2nd)
Wizard - Ice/Lightning (2nd)
Cleric (2nd)
Mage - Fire/Poison (3rd)
Mage - Ice/Lightning (3rd)
Priest (3rd)
Arch Mage F/P (4th)
Arch Mage I/L (4th)
Bishop (4th)
Archer (1st)
Hunter (2nd)
Crossbowman (2nd)
Ranger (3rd)
Sniper (3rd)
Bow Master (4th)
Marksman (4th)
Rogue (1st)
Assassin (1st)
Bandit (2nd)
Blade Recruit (2nd)
Hermit (3rd)
Chief Bandit (3rd)
Blade Acolyte (3rd)
Night Lord (4th)
Shadower (4th)
Blade Specialist (4th)
Blade Lord (5th)
Dual Blade (4th)
Pirate (1st)
Cannoneer (1st)
Brawler (2nd)
Gunslinger (2nd)
Cannoneer (2nd)
Marauder (3rd)
Outlaw (3rd)
Cannon Trooper (3rd)
Buccaneer (4th)
Corsair (4th)
Cannon Master (4th)
Required Quests
The Girl and the Maple Tree Complete

You've put out the worst of the flames. Speak with Sugar in front of the Maple Tree.

Found at: Maple Tree Hill
※ In Progress
Requirements: Talk to Sugar Required Items

Sugar burned herself in the fire. She requests more water from the Split Road of Destiny

If you fail to complete the quest, forfeit the quest then speak with Sugar to start the quest again.


EXP: 175000

Found at: Maple Tree Hill
※ Complete
You brought the water, but instead of using it to treat her wounds, Sugar pours it on the tree. She says she'll be fine.

Quests Available
NPC Quest name Required level Requires other quests

Maple Island in Ruins 90 No
Found at: Maple Tree Hill