The Gate of the Present Opens

Explorer Level 80
※ Not started
Requirements: Talk to Voice within the Seal

Required level: 80

Required Job:
Swordsman (1st)
Fighter (2nd)
Page (2nd)
Spearman (2nd)
Crusader (3rd)
Knight (3rd)
Dragon Knight (3rd)
Hero (4th)
Paladin (4th)
Dark Knight (4th)
Magician (1st)
Wizard - Fire/Poison (2nd)
Wizard - Ice/Lightning (2nd)
Cleric (2nd)
Mage - Fire/Poison (3rd)
Mage - Ice/Lightning (3rd)
Priest (3rd)
Arch Mage F/P (4th)
Arch Mage I/L (4th)
Bishop (4th)
Archer (1st)
Hunter (2nd)
Crossbowman (2nd)
Ranger (3rd)
Sniper (3rd)
Bow Master (4th)
Marksman (4th)
Rogue (1st)
Assassin (1st)
Bandit (2nd)
Blade Recruit (2nd)
Hermit (3rd)
Chief Bandit (3rd)
Blade Acolyte (3rd)
Night Lord (4th)
Shadower (4th)
Blade Specialist (4th)
Blade Lord (5th)
Dual Blade (4th)
Pirate (1st)
Cannoneer (1st)
Brawler (2nd)
Gunslinger (2nd)
Cannoneer (2nd)
Marauder (3rd)
Outlaw (3rd)
Cannon Trooper (3rd)
Buccaneer (4th)
Corsair (4th)
Cannon Master (4th)
Required Quests
Checking on the Temple of Time Complete

Nobody's ever entered the Gate of the Present before. Why is it open? Head through the gate and check things out.

※ In Progress
Requirements: None

Inside the Gate of the Present, you find a long corridor so oppressive that you find it difficult to walk though. Try to get to the end of the corridor.


EXP: 125000

※ Complete
The corridor lead to a temple shrouded in darkness! In it, the Black Mage appeared!

Quests Available
NPC Quest name Required level Requires other quests
The Black Mage 80 No