The Meeting with Jeppi

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Requirements: Talk to Jeppi Required Quests
The Kerning City Book Store Owner 2 Complete

Wait. Something's not right. Jeppi doesn't think of the Dark Lord as his enemy... So he WASN'T banished from Kerning City for knowing the truth about the Dark Lord's corruption?

Found at: Jeppi's Hideout
※ In Progress
Requirements: Talk to Ryden

This is Jeppi's story: The Dark Lords of Kerning City have been fighting a mysterious enemy for a long, long time, someone who exists in the shadows, fabricating the history of the Maple World...

The previous Dark Lord lost his life to this enemy, and the current Dark Lord thought that Jeppi, who was helping with the investigation, was also in danger, so he hid him in Ellinia. Jeppi's been continuing the investigation alone...

If this is true, it means Lady Syl is mistaken about the current Dark Lord, Jin. Jin didn't kill her father. Instead, he's been fighting all this time to save Maple World from darkness! Ryden has got to hear all of this.


EXP: 1482

Found at: Kerning City Back Alley Secret Practice Place Entrance Starting Place Thief Hideout
※ Complete
Ryden doesn't believe a word of it. He thinks Jeppi's lying.

Quests Available
NPC Quest name Required level Requires other quests

Tristan's Pupil 0 No
Found at: Jeppi's Hideout