Dear Maplestory Community,

What a year it has been! I hope you've all been staying safe and healthy. I was less fortunate to have dealt with COVID in early March, but gratefully survived and have recovered from it.

I wanted to take a moment and explain the reasoning behind the delays of both our main service, Maplestory Design in addition to other projects like the Wiki with as much transparency as possible.

Maplestory has always been a personal passion of mine since I was a child, however dedicating time towards it meant giving up on a lot of progression in my own career; something that I was always fine with while the services generated enough income from ad revenue and donations to survive.

Last year, Maplestory Design had to be shut down due to the malicious actions of my previous independent contractor, which directly left it no longer functional for players. Within days of Design's closure, I was very blessed to be contacted by a small handful of developers from within the Maplestory community who offered to assist with the service's restoration. Work began in early October and we had aspirations for relaunching in December, but I quickly realized the financial impacts of Design's sudden closure were too much for me to overcome and had impacted my own stability negatively.

To strive for stability again, I had to immediately focus my time and energy on other business ventures. As a result, I realized I would have to be neglectful towards the many Maplestory projects I had crafted over the years.

. . .

After about a year of constant work, I've finally reached a point financially where I can dedicate time to the Maplestory community that has been deserved. Alongside a small team, development has gradually resumed and we should have some more positive news to share just over the horizon.

When I began Crrio, I did so with a promise to craft and deliver the highest caliber Maplestory services in the world, and I don't plan to give up on that any time soon. I greatly apologize for the delays that resulted from my own personal circumstances and I understand the dampened expectations.

In the following months and throughout the remainder of 2020, I will be much more vocal about the state of the Maplestory Network and update when progress has been made. I appreciate the continued support and messages I've gotten from hundreds of Maplestory players this year. I will not let you down.

Tyler Corsair (Founder)