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A prototype character creator, similar to Design. Your character is saved locally, but you can save and access your characters on any device by logged in.

(max characters: 24), also keep it PG13.




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You can copy and paste this with others to instantly load someone else's character.
Note: Editing this directly may result in a broken character and require using the clear button below.


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Visit our simulator, Maplestory: Design

All character rendering is powered by an 3rd party service, not affiliated with the Maplestory Network (this service). Any downtime or otherwise rendering issues may occur due to problems experienced by this 3rd party. More Information.

What does this mean?

Maplestory Design currently depends on a data provider that constantly experiences errors, downtime, or otherwise lacks functionality that would allow for us to continue improving our services.

This year, we plan to launch our own APIs (which will be publicly available), build on a modern platform, easy to navigate and use, and will allow us to further our development of Design.

Until this occurs, there will not be any major updates or new features added to Maplestory Design.